Schecter Semi-hollowbody Guitar (c-1 E/a) W/ P-59s

Schecter Guitar Research 2011 BlackJack ATX C 1 FR Electric Guitar Aged Black LN
Schecter Guitar Research 2011 BlackJack ATX C 1 FR Electric Guitar Aged Black LN
   US $672.41
 199001806839325900 Schecter Semi hollowbody Guitar (c 1 E/a) W/ P 59s

Schecter C-1 E/A Semi-Hollow Electric guitar with Acoustic Piezo pickup in the Bridge.  MODIFIED with Seymour Duncan P-59 pickups.  This guitar doesn't have a scratch or ding.  Has always been played inside in a smoke-free house, no pets.  I'm not a professional musician here.  I am a blues/jazz/funk/rock type player who likes the range of tones with the Semi-Hollow body.  The stock pickups weren't that great, so I replaced them with Duncan p-59s.  This mod completely changes this guitar from good to great.  It sounds like $1000+ guitar with these pickups in them.  Look on youtube for the p-59 reviews, or, if you want, I can plug it up and put a vid on Youtube so you can hear it through a Fender Superchamp XP (decent amp, nothing special).  They were $100 bucks each plus labor.  The reason I'm getting rid of this one is that I bought a Gibson ES-339, a guitar I've always wanted (well, 335 actually).  I went back and forth for a week on which one I wanted to keep.  I thought the Gibson would win hands down, but it didn't.  The sound is so close.  I went with the Gibson in the end because it has a slightly darker tone in the neck pickup that's a little better sounding for the jazz-style I'm trying to learn...but was a really really close call.  I just don't need them both.  The reviews of this guitar are great, and you can't go wrong if you want a rich, deep, soulful semi-hollow sound.  Will send the stock pickups with the guitar and a Roadrunner gig back as well.  The guitar has a faster neck than the Gibson and is incredibly smooth to play.  This is a well-made guitar for the price, and with the top-notch pickups, it sounds like twice the guitar.  You also get an acoustic/electric when you switch to the Piezo pickup.  Sounds identical to a plugged up acoustic.  This guitar really has a HUGE range of possibilities.  The piezo is battery powered with a 9-Volt, so you do have to switch that out every 6 or so months.  As long as you don't leave the guitar plugged in when you're not playing, you won't have to change the battery very often.   Let me know if you have questions.  Thanks.

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 199001806839325901 Schecter Semi hollowbody Guitar (c 1 E/a) W/ P 59s

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